Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15 - More Stories from Political Pollution


m'eye thoughts:  Personally, I think the President will choose to go the traditional route and let the
Senate debate his appointment.  Pushing a recess appointment (even though this time it appears it would stand) would raise such a ruckus from the right that it would weigh negatively against him and the Democratic Party; whereas, forcing the GOP-led Senate to argue against someone like Srinavasan--who was raised to the Court of Appeals bench by a unanimous Senate vote just three years ago--will only focus attention on their identify as the incapable-of-governing party (not a good thing in an election year).

Either way, I believe the Court is going to gain a new Justice while President Obama is in office.  Even ol' Turtle Face won't be able to hold out for 11 months against a public and media hue and cry for the need to repair an unworkable Supreme Court.  

(Fingers crossed that I'm just not indulging in some wishful thinking.)

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There is a lesson for Congress in this article about the unlikely friendship shared by these two Justices.

"Whether or not it was how Scalia saw it, for Ginsburg their public friendship also made a statement about the court as an institution: that it was strengthened by respectful debate, that it could work no matter how polarized its members were."

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