Thursday, February 4, 2016

Republican Campaign Scamming - What a Bunch of Jokesters

There have been numerous posts about how Ted Cruz' campaign cheated during the Iowa caucuses by having his representatives tell caucus participants that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race (he hadn't) and asking his supporters to caucus for Ted.  

At the end of one such article, tacked on almost as an afterthought was this proud moment for the Bush campaign:

Carson wasn't the only candidate to be dogged by dirty republican (sic) politics during the Iowa caucuses.

A post circulated on social media claimed that Jeb Bush was paying people $25 an hour to fill seats during the caucus.

During Bush's Iowa rally, two men, who later claimed to be paid actors, stood up and began loudly demanding payment for attending the event.

"We've been here for two hours and we haven't been paid," one said.

Bush responded by having the men escorted out of the rally.

After the uproar died down, Bush asked the crowd, "Have the YR's (Young Republicans) gone yet?"  He went on to tell the audience "That's what we used to do back in the day, we would come to the campaigns and do what they did."

Good old GOP family values.  Teach the kids how to lie, steal, cheat and con people in order to get what they want.

As Jeb himself so plainly put it, following the (Ted v. Ben) caucus night debacle, "Those are the tactics" used by the republican (sic) party.

eye'm thynkin':  I'm not saying that those two guys weren't set-up to embarrass Jeb Bush.  Maybe the call for people to attend a Jeb rally was real, maybe it wasn't. 

What disgusts me is that Jeb apologizes and turns the incident into a joke, seemingly condoning the incident because it's just kids being kids doing the same things "we used to do."  

Yeah, cheating, that's a real knee slapper alright.

Read more at Addicting Info (video)

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