Saturday, February 20, 2016

More Stories Straight from Political Pollution


m'eye thoughts:  Why is it always about money?  Didn't Jesus throw the money changers out of the temple?  It's like these people find it impossible to believe in anything unless there are dollar signs involved.

"According to his father and Huch, Ted Cruz is anointed by God to help Christians in their effort to 'go to the marketplace and occupy the land...and take dominion' over it.  This 'end-time transfer of wealth' will relieve Christians of all financial woes, allowing true believers to ascent to a position of political and cultural power in which they can build a Christian civilization.  When this Christian nation is in place (or back in place) Jesus will return."

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I'm a day late:  
Executive Order 9066, February 19, 1942

Don't let this happen again.  Vote Democrat.


Mr. Bad-Hair-Day gets his information from Internet memes--no time to fact-check, he's too busy being "the greatest"--then spreads the misinformation to people who know even less than he does and who believe every word. How did America get so stupid?

As the article concludes:  And people wonder why this election cycle has come unhinged.

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