Monday, February 1, 2016

Quote for Monday, February 1

Last week, a Texas grand jury indicted David Daleidin and Sandra Merritt over the doctored Planned Parenthood videos they produced and released last year.  The result of the investigation, which anti-abortion activists expected to end in criminal charges against the national health organization, surprised many, despite the results in other states' investigations.  After all, this was Texas.

Planned Parenthood was found to have broken no law.

Attorneys for the two videographers immediately demanded a new grand jury.   Their demand was refused. 

For me, one of the most satisfying quotes came from Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson (R).  Instead of blaming liberal bias, or the media, or promising to continue the fight, she made a statement rooted in adulthood and respect for the law.

monday quote:
"The inconvenient truth of a criminal investigation is that it doesn't always lead where you want it to go... I believe abortion is wrong, but my personal belief does not relieve me of my obligation to follow the law."
(Devon Anderson, Harris County, Texas, District Attorney)

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