Saturday, February 13, 2016

Puppy Poop and People Who Should Never Own Guns

Joe Elliot Ramirez                                Angela Cruz 
Joe Elliot Ramirez, 37, is accused of shooting and killing a neighbor's puppy after it wandered into the yard outside his South Side home.

San Antonio police officers originally investigate a different shooting.  That call involved shots that had been fired at Ramirez, allegedly by his neighbor...

...However, when they arrived, police also found out that the dog had been shot...

...He said he tried, at first, to shoo away the puppy.  When it wouldn't leave, though, he said he grabbed a shotgun and fired at the puppy, thinking it contained blanks...

...The neighbor (Angela Cruz) who owns the dog...stated she heard an initial shot, followed by the sound of a dog yelping.

The neighbor said when she came out of her house, she saw Ramirez standing over her puppy and shooting it at close range...

...(Ms, facing a charge of aggravated assault for allegedly shooting at Ramirez.

eye'm thynkin':  What is wrong with these people?!

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