Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Update: Cruz State Campaign Chair Now Unemployed, Times 2

Ex-Ted Cruz Chair, ex-state legislator,
newly unemployed Graham Hunt

Late last month I posted an article about Graham Hunt, Ted Cruz' Washington state campaign chairman.  Seems The Seattle Times caught Mr. Hunt being somewhat less than truthful about his military experience.


Following that initial report by The Seattle Times, Mr. Hunt resigned as Washington chairman for Ted Cruz' presidential campaign.  End of story?

Actually, no.  Additional tall tales came to light after the original news report was printed.

Josh Penner, who served with Mr. Hunt as a member of the Orting City Council before the ex-Cruz campaign chair moved on to bigger and better things, told The Seattle Times that Mr. Hunt had repeatedly lied to him and other associates about serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. Mr. Hunt was never a Marine.

Steve Nielson, head of Washington states' Libertarian Party said Mr. Hunt had also claimed to have been shot in Iraq and stabbed in Afghanistan.

The Washington state legislature apparently had had enough and asked Mr, Hunt to explain his obvious prevarication.   Following the meeting, Graham Hunt announced he was resigning from the legislature effective immediately.

what eye thynk:  He apparently thought the controversy was over and he could go back to representing the people of Washington in the state legislature.  He appears to have believed that removing references to medals he said he had been awarded after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan (countries where the military said he never served) from his official biography, and deleting a photo from his Facebook page he claimed was of him after he survived an Afghanistan mortar attack (but was really a photo of two other soldiers taken several years earlier), would end his outing.

Now that Graham Hunt is looking for a job, I wonder how many employers will view his public record and say, "No, thank you."  

As an unemployed Washingtonian, he just might end up qualifying for public assistance.  Then his party can begin labeling him a lazy free-loader, and the circle would be complete. 

Payback like this makes life so satisfying. 

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