Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 7 - A Few Stories About Last Night's Republican Debate (Originally Posted at Political Pollution)

You will have to use the links to make the videos work. (Sorry, I'm a Luddite who can't figure out how to share them in working order here.)


m'eye thoughts:  It has been said, by many in the media, that Marco Rubio is slickly programmed,
that he repeats neatly packaged talking points instead of giving honest answers.  He got called on it last night.  When the audience reacted to his "repeats," he seemed taken aback.

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The first clip here may be my favorite part of last night's debate.  Hearing the audience boo Donald Trump and the little "tell" he made when he heard it, made my night.

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The opening of last night's Republican Debate looked like it was scripted by SNL.

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