Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 9 - Two Stories I Originally Posted at Political Pollution


"As the men were being removed from the building by police offices, Cruz noted that the interruption was an 'odd thing.'  'Usually lefties don't believe in God,' Cruz quipped."

eye'm thynkin':  With those five little words, Ted Cruz managed to insult everyone from the Pope to the lady who runs the food program at the church across the street from my house.

Maybe he meant "lefties don't believe in HIS God."  And that's okay, because all the lefties I know prefer the God of Love over the hateful diety apparently being embraced by the Republican Party.

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The dinosaurs became extinct because Noah took only babies on the Ark, climate change is a hoax thought up by Karl Marx, President Obama was a homosexual prostitute who sold drugs to support his drug habit, the Affordable Care Act is a UN conspiracy to eliminate 200M people from the U.S...

Retired teacher and
candidate for
Texas State Bd. of Ed.
Mary Lou Bruner
She sounds like a perfect fit for the state school board that ok'd a history book in which slaves were identified as "immigrant workers."

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