Saturday, February 6, 2016

February 6 - A Few More Stories I Originally Posted at Political Pollution


m'eye thoughts: Cliven Lance Bundy pled guilty to burglary and gun charges in 2013 and was put in a drug treatment program.  Last month, after missing multiple court appearances, federal agents found him running an ATV tour group through unauthorized public lands and arrested him.

Maybe the Bundy brothers can get a cell for three.

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Trump basically says--after reminding Anderson Cooper that he is the best negotiator to ever walk the earth--that he would have simply given Iran his demands and then walked away until they caved in.

Yeah, Mr. Second Place, we saw how well that worked with Fox before the last Republican debate, and that time you told CNN you'd debate but only if they paid you $5 million, and how about that wind farm/golf course debacle in Scotland?  I hear that didn't turn out so well either. 

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I try not to mock anyone's physical characteristics--the ones they can't help they were born with, The Donald's hair is an entirely different thing--but I will admit Ted Cruz' eyebrows drive me nuts, though it's the shape his mouth makes when he's really trying to make a point--especially his "hallelujah, I'm talkin' to Jesus" mouth--that makes my skin crawl.

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He is just an ugly, ugly person.  


Another article written by a reporter who got into a Trump rally in New Hampshire after Mr. Combover came in second in Iowa is also interesting.  The spite demonstrated by this bully-who-would-be-president is sick.  


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