Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Today's Idiot with a Gun: Responsible Grandpa Leaves Gun on Nightstand for 3-Year-Old to Find

Police say a 3-year-old Alabama boy has accidentally shot his 9-year-old sister in the head.

Irondale police Chief Ken Atkinson tells that the shooting took place Saturday afternoon at their grandparent's house in a Birmingham suburb.

He says the grandfather had left a loaded pistol on a bedroom nightstand, where the boy found it...

...The girl was flown to Children's of Alabama with life-threatening injuries.

eye'm thynkin': Thank God, for responsible gun owners like gramps, right?  Imagine the consequences if grandpa had kept his gun locked away, or if he had put a trigger lock on it, or if the NRA had allowed his gun dealer to sell him a smart gun that couldn't be fired by a 3-year-old.  

Thankfully, gun rights advocates will have none of that, so grampa was free to leave a loaded pistol where a toddler could find it.  

I hope they prosecute this dumb*ss.

Read more at WCVB

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