Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stupid People Love Trump and He Loves Them Back

Perhaps the darkest moment of the night was when Trump actually said these words in his victory speech:

"We won with poorly educated!  I love the poorly educated!"

There were whooping cheers and applause for this comment.  Which seemingly bore zero irony...
The article continues to point out Trump's education, his pandering, his lies, and his seemingly new found belief in the Christian Bible, before concluding:
...Under-educated people are having their ignorance exploited, and bigoted people are having their bellies tickled.  This resurgent right is euphoric that it's candidate can say things on national television that have been outlawed in workplaces and public spaces for decades.  They are thrilled that hate has been made mainstream by their candidate, and they are going to come out in their droves to support him.

This means that voting in this year's election will be the most important ballots cast on American soil in a very long time.  The reproductive rights of women, the rights of LGBT Americans, the rights of non-Christians, the rights of victims of rape and sexual assault, the rights of victims of gun crime, the rights of non-white Americans--they are all on the chopping block in this election.  Every American with a conscience and a sense of decency has the absolute duty to make a stand against the sh*tstorm of stupidity, bigotry and ignorance.

eye'm thynkin': An acquaintance made a comment this morning that he had never missed casting his vote in any election, but that this time he would be staying home to protest against the types of political campaigns being run in this cycle.

We cannot let this happen.  America cannot be taken over by the Donald Trumps of the world, not if we want America to remain standing.  

If you really want to protest:  Vote!

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