Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 13 - More Stories from My Political Pollution Page


m'eye thoughts:  How presidential.

I guess in Ted's Bible they don't turn the other cheek, they take their cheeks and go home.

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A - Notice all the happy, grinning women surrounding Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin as he signs the
"informed consent" bill.  While this day is bringing these ladies much joy, they are all dreaming of the day they can return to witness the signing of the new ultrasound bill now headed to the state Senate.

B - Are all those suits holding in a belly laugh or protecting their "stuff" in case some woman who feels she is perfectly capable of making her own medical decisions shows up ready to rip it off?

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Steve Colbert's riff on Chris Hayes' Bernie flub starts at 6:20.

It's pun-tastic.

Watch the video at Good


Oh, great.  More dirty money, more dirty politics.

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