Saturday, January 16, 2016

Back to Remedial Foreign Policy Class for Carson

A few weeks ago, just before the heads of Ben Carson's campaign bailed, his staff bemoaned the fact that Mr. Carson is having a hard time absorbing the geography of foreign affairs despite almost daily drilling.

From his performance at this week's debate, I'd say the problem persists.

what eye thynk: 1 - Mr. Carson, in typical war-is-the-answer Republican-ese, said he would pursue  ISIS  Daesh wherever they could be found: 'Why should we be letting people smoke their cigars in their comfortable chairs in Raqqa?

Point to Ben for remembering "Raqqa!"

But, okay, this isn't geography, though still, shouldn't he be aware that Muslims are rabidly anti-tobacco?  The terrorist group implements stiff fines and harsh punishment for anyone caught smoking or being in possession of cigarettes, cigars or water pipes.  (Yes, stories coming from the Middle East report that many Muslims ignore those prohibitions with impunity, but not in Daesh controlled territories in Syria and Iraq)  Even without that caveat, it is still an odd example to use.) 

2 - Mr. Carson also offered his solution to the Syrian refuge problem.  Let the refugees settle in "al-Saqqa province, where they'll be in their own country.'"

Interesting idea, but it falls apart when you look for that safe haven on the map, because there is no such place.  He may have meant al-Raqqa or Raqqa, but if that is the case, you have to wonder how safe all these refugees will be surrounded by cigar puffing terrorists sitting around in comfortable chairs especially when his starts bombing them.

Foreign policy: It's not brain surgery...obviously.

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