Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bundy Militia Renames the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Center

"When I saw that they changed the refuge sign,
I was shaking in my boots I was so mad..."
"Conservative talk show host and Y'all Qaeda spokesperson Pete Santilli attended a Harney County meeting Monday night.  It didn't go down well for him... After disrupting speeches at the meeting, Santilli was kicked out while the residents cheered.

Dave Killen of the Oregonian tweeted updates from the meeting, which make it clear that the residents do not want the Bundy militia there."

Some comments tweeted by Mr. Killen:

  • Sheriff Ward: "Please go home."
  • County Judge Steve Grastly:  "Mr. Bundy, go home." Referring to their having destroyed part of the fence between the refuge and private property to allow cattle to graze in the refuge: "They are seeking to escalate the situation."
  • Citizen comment: "When I saw that they changed the refuge sign, I was shaking in my boots I was so mad.  At least the government gives us a vote.  I didn't get a vote on that sign."
  • Citizen comment:  "Some of us do value the benefits of having federal lands in this county."
  • Citizen comment:  "When I saw two local people showing each other their guns (in public), it's a little much."
  • A young woman: "I should not have to be scared in my own home town." (standing ovation)
  • Citizen comment: "They clearly have their own agenda here, and they're not thinking about what is best for Harney County and our citizens.  They're thinking about what's best for them and their own agenda.  If they cared about Harney County they would be asking every single one of us to take polls, and they don't need guns to do that."
State Representative Cliff Bentz, (R) attended the meeting and read a list of laws the Bundy militia has broken.

As for Mr. Santilli, after being ejected from the meeting he uploaded a video calling the citizens of Harney County "communists."  The meeting, he claimed, was "unconstitutional."

eye'm thynkin':  I'll tell you what's "unconstitutional. " Anarchy.  Setting yourself up in opposition to federal, state, and local law, ignoring the will of the people. Our constitution gives you the right to engage in peaceful protest.  It does not give you the right to break the law in the cause of personal profit.

It's time to give up the watch-and-wait mentality.  Nobody wants another Ruby Ridge, but it is time for law enforcement to take charge. The longer we wait, the stronger they feel. I find it impossible to believe that our government, with all its sophisticated surveillance equipment, cannot find a way to completely isolate these domestic terrorists and get them out of there. 

They say they're willing to die for their cause? Let's test their resolve.

Read more at Bipartisan Report

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