Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bundy Brain Trust Discovers "Hidden" Cameras

"Oh this is priceless.  The Moron Militia sent one of their head imbeciles up a utility pole to scope out what they deemed a suspicious looking box.  When you're an idiot, such a find is a revelation of massive proportions.  These nitwits definitely qualify.

The box, you see, is clearly marked "SCADA CIRCUIT" with a number.  "SCADA" stands for "supervisory control and data acquisition."  It also has a clearly visible 'WiFi in use' sticker, as well as a round antenna and an indicator light.  From the ground, anyone with a mobile phone and Google could have told these nitwits exactly what the box was, but these morons just had to climb a ladder and destroy yet more government property, because ain't nobody gonna spy on them."

eye'm thynkin':   I have to laugh that it took them this long to notice there were WiFi cameras on the refuge.

The video of their big discovery is worth the price of admission. "The government has a completely obvious camera that we never noticed before, and it's watching us illegally occupy a government compound.  Outrageous!"  Cook up some popcorn and enjoy.

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  2. The sad thing about these morons is that they will leave the area and its buildings without so much as a slap on the hand. Then it will be up to the park service, at taxpayer's expense, to clean up their mess, rebuild the fence that was destroyed and make the area presentable once again. I think that this so-called militia should be forced to wear the pink jumpsuits like the ones worn by inmates in Arizona, and spend a week or so cleaning and repairing the property that they have destroyed. This is taxpayers property, and as such, it is my property and since there is no cure for stupid, I suppose that if we just ignore them, they will go away. I would love to see all of them go to jail.