Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trump: As Stupid As He Is Arrogant

"DONALD TRUMP: Well, I happen to disagree with the whole concept of anchor babies.  I mean, you look at anchor babies--

CHUCK TODD: But that's in the Constitution.

DONALD TRUMP: No, it's not in the Constitution.  If you read if you look, and if you go to the real scholars, like different people that I can give you, they will tell you.

...Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, but his knowledge of the Constitution is limited to what he has heard on Fox News.  Trump humiliated himself on Meet the Press, but he is too arrogant and stupid to be aware that his lack of knowledge is embarrassing...

...Conservative media told Trump that children of immigrants who are born in the US aren't citizens, so that is what he believes is in the Constitution."

eye'm thynkin':  Donald Trump, a bi-product of the Republican Party's Dumbing Down of America Program.

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