Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jeb Praises Snyder, Says Flint Crisis Not His Fault

"GOP presidential hopeful and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush defended Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) against criticism over his handling of the Flint water crisis on Sunday, arguing instead that the blame should go to the fact that regulations are too complex...

...Bush has previously endorsed a massive rollback of environmental regulations--a 'regulatory spring cleaning' that would require Congress to individually approve rules and requiring all new regulatory costs be offset by regulatory savings."

eye'm thynkin': So let me get this straight, all the information now being made public makes it clear that Mr. Snyder and his personally appointed city-manager, Gerald Ambrose, were aware that Flint's water was tainted for at least a year, yet they continued to tell the people of Flint that the water was safe.  In  March 2015, Flint's City Council voiced concerns about elevated levels of lead in the murky water and advised reconnecting to Detroit's water system, but Mr. Ambrose denied their advise saying 'Water from Detroit is no safer than water from Flint.' 

In short, Mr. Snyder and Mr. Ambrose were ignoring warnings from physicians, safe water experts, members of the E.P.A. and Virginia Tech researchers while out and out lying to the people of Flint--and that's the fault of regulations being "too complex?"  Are the words too big?

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You'll also find an excellent what-they-knew and when-they-knew-it article in today's The New York Times

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