Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bundy Brothers Open Oregon Wildlife Refuge for Grazing

"Ammon and Ryan Bundy left the comfort of the federal buildings they are occupying and headed out with equipment owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to destroy a fence separating federal land from private property. The Bundy brothers say they are opening the federal land for nearby ranchers to let their privately owned cattle graze.

The Bundy brothers had a convoy of media following them as they tore down an 80 ft. section of fence...

...Stay tuned for the next segment of things white dudes with guns and cowboy hats can get away with and still not face arrest."

eye'm thynkin':  This is ridiculous.  I started to write that it angers me more than it should; but then I realized, no, I should be angry, we should all be angry, damn angry.  These people have come into a community where they are not wanted and taken over--in effect, telling the people of Harney County, "We're in charge now, you have no voice.  We're going to do what we want, when we want, using the resources we want.  This is no longer your county, your town.  Your law is not our law.  We make our own law and you will allow it because we say so." Sounds a lot like Daesh to me.

How long will the U.S. government play wimp to these bullies?  Shut off their power--ALL their power: electric, gas, water.  Keep the media away, publicity is only feeding their egos.  "We have to do something new and newsworthy today, the camera guys are here!"  Cordon off access so there are no deliveries of foodstuffs or blankets or whatever they need to survive in sub-zero weather.  Stop asking them politely to leave, stop talking to them period.  Isolate them. 

And rebuild that fence. It is their to protect MY land, MY wildlife refuge.  The last I heard, this is still MY country; and until someone tells me otherwise, the laws of MY country apply to everyone, even rich Nevada ranchers, and even when they're in Oregon.

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  1. Your tax dollars at work... or, at rest. But that is exactly what is happening. So the government, while probably wanting a peaceful end to this crap is going to allow these idiots to do whatever they want with no consequences. Has our government become so weak that we can now spit in the face of authority and they do nothing? Can anyone just go out a break the law and get away with it? How about someone who robs a bank? Has this become okay now? How dare they steal something that belongs to taxpayers and use for their own private purpose. When is law enforcement actually going to enforce these laws? This is not a peaceful protest. They all have guns and now they are destroying property. Time to put an end to playtime.

  2. The situation used by the Bundy Bunch is a great tool for democrats. The DNC can point at them to say 'see what armed people can do' 'see how crazy the Right is' et c.