Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 28 - A Few More Stories I Found Interesting

1 - Defying His Own Son, Cliven Bundy Rallies Oregon Militants to 'Fight' to the End
m'eye thoughts: He whines about Finicum's sacrifice being wasted if they give up now.
You know, Cliven, those people probably wouldn't even have been in Oregon if you hadn't successfully defied the government last year and simply paid the money you owe.  They thought you were such a hero that they were willing to follow your sons to another state so they could be heroes too.  You might want to just shut up now before you get anyone else killed.
(And, yes, I still blame the Obama administration for wimping out at the Bundy ranch in Nevada last year.)
2 - Terrorist Jon Ritzheimer Uses Sobbing Daughters to Beg for Money Before Turning Himself In
Gee, Jon, it's just now occurring to you that your actions would affect your family?  Too bad you didn't think of them BEFORE you went on your big macho adventure.
3 - GOP Lawmakers Ignore Evidence, Keep Using Discredited Videos Against Planned Parenthood
Against all common sense, in defiance of the findings of their own investigations, the GOP War on Women continues.
4 - More Oregon Occupiers Arrested; Others Leave as Standoff Appears to Fade
The latest, including some of what was picked up from a live video feed the remaining occupiers have left open and the social media braggadocio these idiots used that will be part of the court case against them.  Bundyland is a much quieter and more somber place to be today.

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