Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18 - A Few More Stories I Found

1 - Militant LaVoy Finicum Says Foster Children Were Pulled From His Home
m'eye thought: Unlawful actions have consequences.  Child Services doesn't place children in the homes of lawbreakers. Losing a $115,000 foster child cash cow (which this idiot admits is his main source of income) is just one of them.
2 - Flint Gets Emergency Declaration, Snyder Gets Defensive
Governor Rick Snyder is able to hide any communication regarding the Flint water crisis--what he knew, when he knew it, when and how he decided to move to protect the people of Flint--because Michigan law shields him behind a Freedom of Information Act exemption.  If Snyder were a Democrat, we'd be hearing Benghazi-like calls from the Republican Party, FOIA exemption be damned.
3 - The Young Turks (video)
Reporters are permitted to film ONLY Trump at a Trump rally.  In the second video section here, Young Turks cameraman is followed by a Trump worker.  The second he moves his camera off the stage and Mr. Trump, he is tossed out. Free press?
What's truly frightening is the hate coming from the crowd and the images of Trump just standing there and seeming to bask in it. Frightening, really frightening.
This isn't a political rally; it's a cage fight. 
4 - Unarmed Black Protesters Once Tried to Occupy a Wildlife Refuge--They Were Thrown in Jail
Wondering what would be happening in Oregon if the occupiers were black?  Look to our history, specifically 1970s Georgia.

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