Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21 - Some More Stories I Found Interesting

1 - Latest ACA Legal Challenge Comes Up Short
m'eye thoughts: Constitutional Accountability Center Chief Counsel Elizabeth Wydra noted in a press release, "It is hardly surprising that the Court has refused to hear this case...The ultimate outcome of challenges like this one aren't in doubt.  They are simply meritless.  The Court upheld the ACA for the second time just last June, with Chief Justice Roberts picking up a sixth vote to send a clear signal that he's had enough of what has become a blatant ideological crusade.  One questions whether anti-Obamacare legal activists have gotten the message."
2 -  Watch Stephen Colbert's Hilarious Response to Sarah Palin's Crazy Speeches (video)
"God I have missed you.  It's like a magical eagle made a wish on a flag pin and it came to life."
3 -  Millionaire Palin and Billionaire Trump Beg Gullible Supporters to Pay for Sarah's Travel Costs
The Palin clan is going to go down in history as the biggest grifters in the history of mankind. They're going to want a monument...and they'll expect you to pay for it.

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