Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 14 - More Stories I Found

1 - As Republicans 'Prayed' for Sailors Held in Iran, Obama Freed Them With a Phone Call
m'eye thoughts: While the article doesn't actually say anything about praying Republicans, it does point out how they got on their "Obama is weak!" soapbox to whine against his foreign policies. 
"Republicans are furious because unlike them, President Obama used a telephone instead of a ground invasion to free the sailors.  Somehow if Americans are not dying, it isn't a valid foreign policy victory.  It's absurd to think that freeing 10 sailors from Iran in under 24 hours with a phone call is called 'weak.'"
2 - Ted 'Duck Hunter' Cruz Goes Full Camo in Bizarre New Ad Pandering to Idiot America (video)
Endorsed by Duck Dynasty!  Whoo Hoo! We need a campaign ad for that!
"Cruz tends to do things for show, and no greater example of this can be seen than this very commercial where he puts on...hunting camo paint...and sits down to hold his gun and 'hunt' with Robertson.
Cruz is all like, 'Look at me! I'm just like you! I like to hunt and play make-believe Rambo, too!   Ignore  the fact that I'm insanely wealthy and married to Goldman Sachs!  Vote for me!'"
3 - GOP Deal to Derail Iran Deal Goes Down in Flames After 100+ Republicans Forget to Show Up to Vote
The Iran Nuclear Agreement is safe, thanks to the GOP, the "Govern Responsibly" Party. 

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