Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Rubio Ad: Hallelujah! Vote for Me 'Cuz I'm a Christian!

"The hosts of MSNBC show Morning Joe ripped GOP presidential candidate and Florida Senator Marco Rubio on Thursday over a campaign ad that sounded more like a proselytizing Christian sermon.

Host Joe Scarborough...said Rubio was too plainly pandering to evangelical Christian voters, to the point of being insulting.

'They're not voting for you to be the best Christian,' Scarborough said...

...They then showed the Rubio ad, in which Rubio discusses his deep Christianity and hints his faith would influence his policy actions if elected president.

'Our goal is eternity,' Rubio says, 'the ability to live alongside our creator for all time.  To accept the free gift of salvation offered to us by Jesus Christ.'

He then quoted Bible verses and said, 'Are your treasures stored up on Earth or in heaven?...'

The ad prompted co-host Mika Brzezinski to murmur, 'What the hell was that?'"

eye'm thynkin':  Has the Republican Party lost its collective mind?  Have they forgotten that people of other faiths live here, and that they vote?

Read more at Raw Story (video)

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