Thursday, January 28, 2016

FBI Releases Unedited Video Showing LaVoy Finicum Reaching for His Gun

The FBI released video that clearly shows LaVoy Finicum reached toward his waist--twice--before he was fatally shot by law enforcement officers.

Investigators released the full, 26-and-a-half (minute) video recorded from a helicopter overhead in hopes of knocking down conspiracy theories about the Arizona rancher's death.

The video, at about the 9:20 mark, shows Finicum jump out of his SUV with his hands outstretched from his sides after crashing into a snowbank.

One officer approaches from the front with a gun drawn, and Finicum reaches with his left hand toward the right side of his body.

He lifts his arms again and then turns to see a second officer come out of a wooded area behind him.  

Finicum again reaches with his right hand toward the left side of his body, and the second officer shoots him...

...Investigators say Finicum was carrying a loaded 9 mm handgun in his pocket.

eye'm thynkin':  This is ugly, really ugly; but it needed to be seen to stop conspiracists from turning LaVoy Finicum into some type of government gone mad martyr.

  • Finicum's pick-up clearly was stopped a mile further down the road where law enforcement gave him and his passengers plenty of time to exit the vehicle and surrender peacefully.  
  • It was Finicum's choice to take off again down the road. 
  • It was Finicum's choice to try to go around a roadblock further on down the highway.  
  • It was Finicum's choice to jump from his vehicle.  
  • It was Finicum's choice to reach for his gun.
  • When he was shot, he did not have his hands in the air.  
  • He was not on his knees.  
  • He was not surrendering.  

LaVoy Finicum made a bad choice and he died for it.

Read more and watch the unedited video at Raw Story

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