Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ted Cruz' Wall St. Outsider Campaign Funded by Wall St. Insider Money

"Ted Cruz is suddenly facing much broader controversy than the question of whether his citizenship makes him constitutionally eligible to run for President.  The Republican senator, who was elected to the office in 2012 thanks to a Texas Tea Party insurrection, has long claimed that he liquidated his personal assets to fund the campaign.  Instead it turns out he failed to disclose that his campaign was actually funded by an unusually low-interest $1.2 million loan from Goldman-Sachs...

...While there was nothing illegal about taking out the loan in and of itself, he now faces consequences from the Federal Election Commission and from Senate leadership because he failed to disclose the loan in a timely manner.  Worse, he made a point of lying about where the money really came from, demonstrating bad faith intent."

eye'm thynkin':  The Swami of Smarmy lied?  I'm sure God told him to do it, because, you know...Jesus.

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