Saturday, January 30, 2016

Last 4 Malheur Occupiers Think They Can Dictate Terms of Their Surrender, Support Group Plans Protest in Burns

The last holdouts in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff say they now want pardons for everyone involved before they'll leave the headquarters where they're holed up behind police roadblocks.

"Before we leave, every single one of the people involved in this operation should be pardoned," occupier David Fry said in a feed posted to YouTube just before noon on Friday...

...The (four) remaining occupiers had been livestreaming the standoff on YouTube or posting periodic videos to detail their preparations to die at the refuge.  But they had filed no dispatches for more than 24 hours until Fry broke the silence.

His five-and-a-half minute video included details of the occupiers' new demands and a diatribe against Hillary Clinton...

...The Pacific Patriots Network, a group that has followed the refuge occupation, also spelled out several demands on Friday in a call for support from its members...

...The network, which plans a protest in Burns on Monday, demands the arrest of the top FBI agent in Oregon and any other law enforcement officers involved in (LaVoy Finicum's) death, the removal of all FBI agents from Harney County and the resignation of several county leaders, and Sheriff Dave Ward.

eye'm thynkin':  Dear Mr. Fry:  Your window for negotiating has passed.  While you still maintain your right to be stupid, it is not necessary to exercise it at every opportunity.

Dear PPN: You're late to the party.  Stay home.  Everyone is already aware that you thought the Bundy occupation was the coolest thing ever.  Marching through a town that disagrees with your opinion in order to prove your point is really stupid. And thinking you have the right to issue demands for the end of an occupation in which you took no part is really, really stupid. (See paragraph above.)

Read more at Oregon Live (video)

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