Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ted Cruz' Virginia Co-Chair: Secular Education is 'Deception of the Seed'

"Cynthia Dunbar, who brags that she tried to correct a 'biblically illiterate society' during her tenure on the Texas State Board of Education, now works at Liberty University and serves as co-chair of (Ted Cruz') campaign in Virginia...

...In a speech broadcast last week on (David) Barton's 'Wallbuilder's Live' program, Dunbar explained her obsession with the Genesis passage in which God vows to create hostility between Eve and the serpent who deceived her.

'It's what I call the seed policy,' Dunbar said. 'If you think about it, every major social issue you're encountering as legislators actually directs back to what it talks about in Genesis. "If I would put enmity between you and the seed of the woman." Because what happens, what is abortion? Abortion is the destruction of the seed.  What is homosexuality?  It is the prevention of the seed.  And what is education? It is potential deception of the seed.'"

eye'm thynkin': As my husband said when I read this to him, "And then there is the bad seed."

Ms. Dunbar is so wrapped up in her zealotry that she is totally unaware that what she is advocating is nothing less than a duplication of the education system in the Middle East.

 "Christians" like Ms. Dunbar will not be happy until secular knowledge is all but eradicated and every other religion in America is subjugated to Christianity.  The more I hear from the "Christian" -right, the more I am convinced these people don't really hate Shariah Law, they envy it.   What they really want is a Christ-iah Law of their own.

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