Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 30 - A Couple More Stories I Originally Posted at Political Pollution


"Fiorina has been openly supportive of vaccines derived from fetal stem cells at least since her California Senate run in 2010.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Fiorina clarified that, 'It is when
embryos are produced for the purposes of destruction, for the purposes of stem cell research that I have a great deal of difficulty.'"

m'eye thoughts: So Carly is anti-abortion because she thinks women all over America are getting purposefully pregnant in order to destroy their embryo so the tissue can be used in stem cell research?  Am I missing something here?

Read more at Crooks and Liars


According to new Federal Election Commission filings, the only people who donated to the Black Americans for a Better Future Super PAC last year (or at all--it was created in 2014) were super, super white.  In fact, of the $417,250 in donations the super-pac received, $400,000 was from Robert Mercer, the hedge-fund CEO also known as Ted Cruz's sugar daddy.

Basically one rich white guy, trying to present himself as something he's not to people for whom he has no respect...  Yeah, I'm sure this is going to work.

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