Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kansas Senator Wants to Make Gun Dealers a Protected Class

Kansas State Senator
Jacob LaTurner
Thanks to a repeal of a long-standing law in 2015, Kansas currently doesn't have discrimination protection on the basis of sexual orientation, but rather than rectify that blot on the state's reputation, Republicans are focusing on a group that's a bit closer to home: the hapless gun dealer.

In a new bill, astounding in its sheer audacity, Republicans want to "ban discrimination" against gun dealers and manufacturers.  In short, they wish to make the sellers of firearms a protected class like those of race, gender, and religion...

...Sen. Jacob LaTurner (R-Of Course)...said this was a way to protect gun dealers from the federal government's tyranny.

LaTurner said his bill is "intended to give these folks an avenue to push back"  and would "give the firearm industry the ability to get some protection against this incredible overreach by our president."

eye'm thynkin':  The GOP's unrelenting campaign of hate against President Obama has not only made them stupid, it has made them blind to their own ridiculousness.

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