Sunday, January 31, 2016

Queens Veterans' Group Asked Queens Native Donald Trump for a Donation--a Year Later, He Sends Bumper Stickers

Rodney Moore (left) and Larry Robertson holding
 Trump bumper stickers they received in lieu of a donation.
"...According to the billionaire, the rally he scheduled to air on Fox's competing networks during the debate raised a whopping $6 million for veterans.  Unfortunately, this money all went to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which has an abysmal history of helping those who have served our country, with less than 1% of donations going to that particular cause...

Last year, (before he announced his presidential bid) New York-based Veterans-in-Command, an organization that helps homeless veterans, reached out to The Donald for a donation.

While one might assume that Trump would jump at the opportunity to help out, time went by and they received no response until just before Trump's little debate day stunt, when the cash-strapped organization got some mail from the Trump campaign...

...The letter inform(ed) the organization that "Mr. Trump is very passionate about giving veterans the best life possible!"  Included was (sic) a few Trump campaign bumper stickers.  
Note: No donation, zero, nada, zip. But it gets worse:
Afterward, Veterans-in-Command began receiving emails from the Trump campaign asking them for money.  

eye'm thynkin':  There seems to be a hole in Mr. Combover's circus tent.

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