Friday, January 15, 2016

January 15 - Two More Stories I Found

1 - Oath Keepers Head: Obama Wants 'Dead Cops' In Oregon Standoff
m'eye thoughts: So, Obama's real plan for the Oregon standoff is to hold off doing anything until there are more federal, state, and local law officers there, then they're going to storm the refuge and some law officers will be killed which will give Obama the excuse to confiscate all the guns in America?
Riiiight.  And maybe Ammon Bundy is a secret agent working for the White House whose job was to put the whole plan in motion.  That makes as much sense as anything else coming from this idiot's mouth. 
2 - Rick Scott Kills Babies by Eliminating Medical Standards After $200K Bribe from Hospital
"...It is absolutely crystal clear that Florida's GOP-led government will stop at nothing to help their donors--even if that means killing your children." 

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