Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19 - Two More Stories I Like

1 - British Lawmakers Consider What to Do About Trump
m'eye thoughts:  "...It's deeply satisfying to hear eloquent MPs denounce the Republican frontrunner as an 'idiot,' a 'demagogue,' and a 'fool.'
The world is laughing, and Mr. Combover will undoubtedly find some way to brag about this too.  I can hear him now: "I love the British people.  They're great people.  Great people.  And they really love me.  They have a great sense of humor.  Okay?  A great sense of humor."
2 - Trump Brutally Mocked After F*cking Up Bible Verse in Room Full of Christian Students
Rich-White-Trash Trump brags about a "record crowd," ignoring the fact that attendance was mandatory.  Then screws up a book of the Bible, and uses the words "hell" and "damn" which are considered swear words punishable by a fine at the school.  When your audience calls you "Comedy theater at its finest" you can rest assured you bombed.

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