Wednesday, January 6, 2016

GOP: When In Doubt, Impeach!

Dave Agema
"The Republican National Committeeman from the Grand Rapids area (Dave Agema) wants the GOP at its winter meetings later this month to pass a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Obama.

'(The resolution) has no binding requirements in it,' Agema said. 'It's basically just requesting that our GOP leaders do what the grassroots have been yearning for and show a little backbone and stand up to the Obama Administration...

...Agema said he is...urging Congress to act on about 50 articles of impeachment drafted by the North American Law Center.  The articles accuse Obama of criminal identify fraud, helping U.S. enemies, for example, by not enforcing immigration law, and overstepping the bounds of his authority, for example, by ordering military action without congressional support...

...'I think Hillary through this will be implicated as a co-conspirator,' Agema said. 'There would be a lot of pressure on Democrats to see what she's been involved with.'"

eye'm thynkin':  The GOP has been threatening to impeach President Obama almost since the day he took office.  They went through several law firms looking for someone--anyone--to tell them they had a case, all while promising their base that they were going forward.  Eventually, the idea fell away and was forgotten.  But now, it could hurt Hillary!  Let's bring it back as a new and exciting "grassroots" movement!  Yeehaw!   

They better hurry though.  At the usual glacial Washington pace, by the time they get their ducks in a row, Hillary will be running for her second term.

Read more here  and some more interesting craziness from Dr. Rich Swier here.

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