Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2 - A Few More Stories I Found

1 - 'Family Values' GOPer Thinks He Should Be Able to Grab Nipples of Breastfeeding Women
m'eye thoughts:  Could these lawmakers be any more juvenile? Let's hear it for New Hampshire Republican state representatives Josh Moore and Al Baldasaro--two adult-sized man-bodies ruled by snickering 12-year-old boy-brains.
2 - British Parliament to Debate Banning Donald Trump As Petition Forces Government To Respond
It's extremely doubtful this will ever come to pass, but if it did, Trump would only be the first in a long list of anti-Muslim, hate-filled American politicians to make the list.  When your allies notice you're an a**hole, maybe it's time to admit you're an a**hole.

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